About Us

Our Clients

We provide services to a wide cross section of small to medium sized enterprises. The range encompasses small home based ventures, through to investment property owners, tradesmen, manufacturers, wholesalers, retail outlets, professional service providers, developers, and civil construction. The majority of our clients are located in the Rodney and North Shore areas, but we also have a number of clients scattered throughout New Zealand as well as a number offshore.

Our clients include:

  • Westmere Butchery Limited (NZ’s premier butchery)
  • Rodney icon businesses – Hibiscus Tanks Limited, Orewa Car Services and Rental Cars
  • North Shore businesses – Masons PlastaBrick Limited, Thurlow Consulting Engineers and Surveyors, Site Surveys Limited
  • Otara’s – Tyre Force Ltd
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Allan Gibson

Allan has been a Member of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand since 1980 and has a solid background in industry as well as chartered accounting.

After qualifying, he spent five years working in chartered accounting, three years of which was with a practice that merged into what is now Deloitte’s, followed by a stint in London. Seventeen years were then spent working in industry, seven working for N.Z’s largest transport company followed by ten years in the telecommunications industry, before he acquired what has now become Allan Gibson Associates Limited.

Experienced professionals

There are seven of us in the team, six of whom are accountants. All of the accounting staff either currently operate or have owned their own family businesses. This means they are all very well aware of the issues, concerns, as well as benefits resulting from owning a small to medium sized business.

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We work with you

The team is a stable one, with all but two staff members having been with us for more than ten years. Across the team we have in excess of 100 years of chartered accounting experience.

We’re good at what we do which is taking your problems away and delivering results. Our track record includes significant negotiation wins for clients regarding taxation arrears and disputes with Inland Revenue.

We incorporate integrity and excellence at all levels of our accounting solutions. Our flexibility and adaptability ensure we help you get the best solution, for your individual circumstances.

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